When to Use Old English fonts?

When to Use Old English fonts] Microsoft Word, developed by the MS (Microsoft), is considered as the best word processor currently in use in the world. Through its varied segments and ease of operation, professionals of every field are attracted to this software for their word processing needs. From essential functions like typing, editing, MS word allows its users to perform complex activities like preparing memos, magazines, letters, etc. 

MS Word has become a highly useful tool in formatting and creating large files while making it easily accessible to everyone. Its other features include the wide range of devices that allow users to check spelling, grammar, format complex documents, insert graphics or images, replace repetitive words, etc.

Over the years, MS word has become an essential word processor to everyone ranging from students, employees, marketers, and many more.

Important aspects of MS Word

Below are the important aspects of MS Word that every user needs to be familiar with. 

  1. Templates: MS word has included several formatting templates in its latest versions. These templates allow users to define a file with heading, title, paragraph, and different designs to prepare a better report. 
  2. Image Formats: MS word also allows its users to import and display different images in formats like GIF, JPG, etc. 
  3. WordArt: WordArt allows users to draw text in various graphical effects like shadowing, rotating, skewing. With the use of WordArt, users can prepare attractive and unique designs. 
  4. Auto Summarize: Available in few versions of MS Word, the “Auto summarize” feature allows the users to highlight phrases or passages that are considered essential and generate the abstract quickly. This can be very beneficial to those who need to create the paragraph’s executive summary in less time. 
  5. Shortcut keys: MS Word has numerous shortcut keys that allow its users to perform any task efficiently. 
  6. Password creation: MS word allows its users to create the passport to open any document or modify and format the file. If you develop any word document that you don’t wish to share with anyone else, you can make the password to open such files. It ensures that your file is secured from inappropriate or unauthorized use.  
  7. Numbering and bulleting: Apart from the above features, MS word also supports the numbering the text files. It allows users to add the right number to the chapters, pages, footnotes. Numbers and bullets can be quickly and directly added to the paragraphs in the text file. This feature of MS word is appropriate when you are preparing a report with a large text file. 
  8. Creation of table: For ease in use, MS word also allows the users to make the report more attractive with tables’ help. You can insert tables and add content to the tables. Depending on the MS word versions in use, you can also do simple calculations in the MS word. 

Due to the availability of numerous features, MS Word is considered one of the best and highly used word processors over the years. From creating a simple text file to creating complex reports, MS Word has proved to be important in every aspect of today’s digital world. 

Old English Fonts and its types 

One of the essential and unique features of MS word is its varied range of FONTS. In simple terms, fonts are the set of characters and their design. There are various types of fonts like Arial, Times New Roman that present the stories or characters in a different format. Each font has another way of giving the names in the file. 

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Old English Fonts are the fonts that have a cool traditional and engraving looks. It gives the entire text file the historical sensation. Few of the best old English Fonts are Halja, Helmswald post, Notre Dame, Cloister Black, Riotic, and many more. All these fonts are trendy due to the sense of history that is infused on the reader. 

Below are a few of the Old English Fonts with its example. 

  1. Your Royal Majesty Font
  2. Westminster gotis Font
  3. Cardiff Font
  4. Carrick Caps Font
  5. Old English Font Five 

All these fonts are unique and are accessible in the MS word for your use. 

When to use Old English Fonts 

Old English Fonts that are unique and impart the traditional feeling are not used regularly. For example, while preparing the academic thesis or report, it might not be appropriate to use such Fonts. There are specific guidelines that need to be followed while preparing educational or professional information. However, there are various cases when old English Fonts can make your file attractive and classy. Below are a few of the conditions when you can use the Old English Fonts. 

  • To give the text file the historic sensation: Old English fonts are such fonts that provide your text more historical feeling to it. While you are creating content that deals with the older days’ scripts, the use of such fonts available in the MS word could be used. Such fonts add more historical touch to your content. For example, if you are preparing content on the Roman civilization, you can use the Roman Type of font to give it a more realistic and historical sensation. 
  • To distinguish text files: While creating any text file, you must distinguish one text from another. Using the same font for all books might not be sufficient. In this case, you can differentiate your text files by using different fonts for each text. For example, you can use Halja font for the headings while going for Cloister Black for the main body. This allows the reader, as well as the creator, to distinguish the text files. 
  • To attract the target audience: Use of the Old English Fonts can make your report even more attractive to the target audience. For example, if you teach kids, the use of varied fonts with different patterns can make your students more attracted to the content you are teaching. 
  • To prepare visually attractive reports, educational or professional: All statements, be it academics or professional, needs to be visually pleasing as well. Though the content is the most crucial part of creating reporting, presenting it in an attractive form can make it even better. Use of Old English Fonts can help you create a more visually appealing report for professionally and educational purposes. So, if you are a student preparing informal reports, you can use the old English Fonts and make it even better. 
  • To give outstanding power-point presentations: The presentation you provide can be very effective with varied Old English Fonts. The use of the same text font for each slide can be very monotonous. Instead, to attract your audience by making your slides more attractive, you can use Old English Fonts while preparing your presentation slides. 
  • To make impressive tattoos: Tattoo culture has been flourishing even in underdeveloped and developing countries. If you are one of such people who like tattoos in your body, engraving your preferred word in the Old English Font could be the best option. Many people are found these types of tattoos in recent days due to its detailed look.
  • To infuse the design with an atmosphere of tradition and authority: If you wish to enhance your reports that represent the traditional feel, you can use such old English fonts while preparing such compositions.
  • Music album, movie, or book covers:  Use of old English Fonts are found while preparing the covers of music albums, movies, or books. The use of different and unique font allows marketers to attract a vast number of audiences. No doubt, creative and unique covers for your book or album help attract the onlookers. So, you can use the old English Fonts to prepare the surfaces for your book covers or movie or music album covers.
  • To make flyer designs and brochure: Last but not least, you can use the Old English Fonts to make various types of pamphlets and flyers for promotional events. The use of English Fonts can enhance the attractiveness of your brochures and flyers. 


Old English Fonts, the fonts available in the MS Word, can be used in various conditions. With such fonts, users can make their reports or text file more attractive and presentable. Similarly, it could be used for the creation of beautiful brochures and flyers as well.

However, using Old English Fonts in every text file would not be appropriate. Based on the user’s need, he/she can make the proper use of old English fonts. Described above are only a few of the conditions when you can use the Old English Fonts. 

So, suppose you are creating any unique text files that you wish to present in attractive forms or create promotional items. In that case, you can make the appropriate use of Old English Fonts that are easily accessible. 

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