What Is The Name of Old English Font?

What is the name of old English font? :- More than a thousand years ago, with the ancient civilization’s flourishment, “Blackletter” was used as the main script throughout Western Europe. This font continued to be become commonly used font for a few languages like Danish, German, Latvian, and Estonian. Among all, Fraktur is the main script of the type. Many of the fonts are found engraved in the stones as well as in the ancient texts. 

Today, Blackletter is popularly denoted as the Old English Font, which is also referred to as the renewal of William Caslon’s Typeface. This typeface is described by the carving look and is a highly preferred font for the creation of invitations, advertising, and greeting cards to attract the target audience or reader. 

Due to the old English font’s detailed look, it isn’t easy to draw with hands. With the advancement of technologies, various companies or freelancers are creating these fonts via word processors. Hence, Microsoft Word has enabled its users to download Old English Fonts and use it while creating and text files for the ease of use and accessibility.

Users can either download free old English fonts from the website or use the once that can be easily added in the MS word from the PC, where the fonts are pre-installed. These pre-installed fonts can be easily added to the MS word for which users are required to go to the control panel of their PC and add fonts to MS word easily. 

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There are various types of Old English Fonts. Some of the essential and intriguing old English Fonts are listed as below with the examples of each font.

List of name of old English font

  • Helmswald Post

Among many Old English Fonts, Helmswald Post is is the name of old English font that feels medieval but has the model touch. Crafted with genuine purity, every letter of this font are versatile and give the pure traditional feel. This font is genuinely exceptional and can be easily distinguished from others. Classic and elegant Helmswald Post best suits you if you look forward to making your text file stand out from others. 

  • Halja

Halja is yet another elegant and beautiful font that delights the readers. Characterized by careful strikes, Halja font gives every letter sharp edges and captivating presence. Crafted beautifully and with precision, Halja font is a delight to the users and readers’ eyes. 

  • Lordish

Lordish is a lovely and elegant font that gives your text a beautiful look. If you are looking for creating the sleek text material or the tattoo design, Lordish font could be for you. Lordish is a suitable option for creating different types of flyers and promotional materials as well. 

  • Monotype Old English Text 

One of the name of old English font, Monotype Old English Text provides the real pedigree: Old English Font. It is one of the fonts that was based on Caslon Blak. Caslon Black is the typeface created in the 18th Century. This font is one of the best Old English Fonts. 

  • Cloister Black 

Cloister Black, one of the classic Old English Fonts, is undoubtedly the eye-soothing font for any reader. Based on the 18th Century sources, Cloister Black font was created by Bitstream and is immensely popular even today. Its use ranges from the creation of a simple text file to the tattoos. 

  • Amador

Amador is one of the fonts that is designed by Jim Parkinsons in the year 2004. Eye soothing and attention-grabbing font, Amador is used for various advertisement and flyer designs. This font gives an authentic and traditional feel to your text. Within significantly less time, this has become one of the most downloaded fonts from the web. 

  • Notre Dame 

Notre Dame is the name of old English font that is religious-themed. Created in 1993, Notre Dame could give your text the religious feel. If you are making any religious papers that this could be the best alternative for your text design. 

  • Old English Five

Intricately designed, Old English Five is one of the Fonts that gives every letter a unique style, unlike any other fonts. Easy to distinguish yet very classy, this font is used for newspaper or flyer design. 

  • Medici Text

Medici Text is yet another beautifully crafted Old English Font that immediately draws every reader’s attention. The medieval look characterizes each letter of the font. 

  • Fenwick Woodtype

Simple yet elegant, Fenwick Woodtype font provides clarity while imparting the sensation of authenticity. This font could be used to make different types of texts ranging from historical text, educational text, and many more. 

  • Washington Text 

Washington text is one of the Old English Font that is so attractive and pretty that it has gained massive popularity. While being a unique font, it is also clear, and readers can easily differentiate it from others. 

Hence, these are 11 types of Old English Fonts. As can be seen with the example, all fonts are equally unique and elegant and communicate the traditional sensation to every reader. All these typefaces can be used in various situations.

For example, users can make the use of varied fonts in a single brochure or flyer when users need to separate the text. Similarly, the use of old English font is shared among the tattoo makers. 

MS Word, one of the essential and highly popular word processors, provides the platform for using each type of fonts mentioned above for daily use. All users need to either download the font from the web or install from the Pre-installed sets of Fonts readily available in the C drive of every PC with Microsoft installed.

So, is you are one who is wondering which typeface or font to use to create eye-catching and attractive text files, you can use the Old English Fonts. 

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