How To Access Free Old English Fonts For Microsoft Word? 3 Simple Steps

How to access free old English fonts for Microsoft Word? :-Developed by Microsoft and released on 25th October 1983, Microsoft Word is the most popular and intensively used word processor in the world that allows the users to type, edit, and save the documents.

Use of Microsoft Word has proved to be beneficial to all types of users, including business people, employees, students, freelancers. The numerous features of this word processor including spelling and grammar check, graphic design etc. make it unique among all the programs that deal with word processing. 

Importance of MS Word

MS Word is a highly useful tool that allows users to create a variety of documents, including reports, memos, letters, term papers, magazines etc. 

  1. Highly effective in creating and formatting a large volume of text files. 
  2. Easy to create, maintain and save large documents. 
  3. MS word offers various tools like formatting documents, check spelling and grammar, replace repetitive words, insert images or graphics etc. 

Types of Fonts in Microsoft Word

Fonts mean the set of characters that might include numbers, letters or symbols and the design of these characters. For example, the Arial is the typeface while italic, Arial bold, narrow, black are the fonts. 

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Fonts are generally valuable when the user needs to separate one form of content from the other way. While the font size does contribute to differentiate the text, the difference in font does help in attracting the readers while separating the text formats altogether.

Free Old English Fonts For Microsoft Word
Old English Fonts In Microsoft Word

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Hence, Fonts and its proper use help any students, business people, employees, prepare better text files or reports for educational as well as professional purpose. 

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The typefaces or fonts fall typically under one of following five classifications 

  1. Serif 
  2. Sans serif
  3. Script
  4. Decorative typeface
  5. Symbol/icons

What is an Old English Font?

Old English Font is just the font that is characterized by the engraving look. Old English, also recognized by black letter, was used as the significant script throughout Europe and dated back more than 1000 years. Microsoft Word has many old English fonts that are characterized by dramatic strokes.

Following are the major old English Fonts. 

  1. Helmswald post
  2. Halja
  3. Lordish 
  4. The Mariam story
  5. Riotic
  6. Monotype English text 
  7. Mariage
  8. Cloister Black
  9. Notre Dame

These old English fonts are popular as it reminds a sense of majestic and history while also infusing the design. Hence, these Fonts are trendy and can be accessed in Microsoft Word. 

Why Old English Fonts?

Contrary to the name, Old English Fonts are very popular these days among the advertisers, students as well as the professionals. The striking look along with its historic sensation allows the users to attract their target group. For example, the advertisers use Old English fonts to make the cards or ad with the engraved look to attract more and more people. Similarly, Old English fonts are used by tattoo designers for lots of text-based tattoo designs. 

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Location of Fonts in the PC

Many users find it challenging to locate the fonts on the personal computer. On the PC, fonts are preinstalled in the C drive. These fonts are available in all software, including Microsoft Office. 

How To Access Free Old English Fonts For Microsoft Word?

Any user cannot directly add the old English Fonts to the MS world. MS word uses the main Windows font file. To get an old English font, the user needs to add to the Font file. Below is a detailed process. 

Step 1: 

In the first step, go to the start button on the desktop and click on the “Control panel.” 

Step 2: 

In step 2, click on the icon “Appearance and Personalization”. In the box, you will see the small icon that says “Fonts”. Click on the Fonts and the file menu and select the “Install New Font:

Step 3: 

In step 3, Click on Menu “File” and choose “Install New Font” after which click on the Drives drop down menu and select the drive where you want to add the Old English Font. Finally, click two times on the folder that includes the Font and Highlight the one you select. Lastly, click on Install, 

  • Click “Start” button 
  • Click of Control Panel
  • Click on “Appearance and Personalization”
  • Click on Fonts
  • Click “File” and select “Install New Font.”
  • Click on the Drives from the drop down menu.
  • Select the drive where you want to add the Old English Font
  • Double Click on the folder that includes the font
  • Highlight the one you select and click on Install, 

In this way, you can use the Fonts already installed in the Window and get it in the MS word. 

How to download fonts from the internet 

Downloading old English Fonts is a natural process. However, finding the fonts is a bit of a challenge, especially for those who are new to the concept of Fonts. It is because of the varied types of fonts and typefaces that are available. Apart from the Fonts already installed in the windows, you can also search for the Fonts and download it.

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First, the user needs to search for the fonts available on the internet that are free. Once you search over the internet, browse the target category and select typeface which works best. And, click on the Download Button Fonts downloaded from the internet generally gets downloaded in the ZIP format. Your file has been downloaded in the ZIP format; you can unzip the file by double-clicking on the icon. 

Sharing non-standard fonts

When any user installs a font in his/her PC, the installed font works on the computer where the user has fixed it. Fonts that have been installed on one computer may not be displayed in the same way on any different PC. Text or word file that is formatted in one font that isn’t installed on the next computer will get displayed in the default font.  

Hence, if you are planning to share the MS word file, Excel File or other PowerPoint files, you should make sure that the fonts you sent are installed on the computer that the recipient is using.

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